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Crochet Pattern - Kinkier ;) - danielmac
Crochet Pattern - Kinkier ;)
Alright, here we go, here at long last is my first effort at writing out a crochet pattern! I designed and crocheted this collar based on the Kinks bondage cuffs in the AntiCraft book, more or less to go with ;)

Kinkier by Daniel MacBride

Pattern below the cut.....

Materials: 1 ball SWTC Amaizing yarn in the colour of your choice
                  4.5mm and 3mm crochet hooks
                  3 2-inch D-rings
                  Oddment of black yarn (I used Naturally Yarns Stella 100% Bamboo)

Gauge: approximately 5st and 6 rows/1 inch

Abbreviations: ch = chain
                          sc = single crochet (AU/UK double crochet)
                          sl st = slip stitch
                          sk = skip
Ch 16, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc to end, ch1, turn (15st).
Make approx 18 rows sc total as above, making sure to ch1 and turn at end of each row (to measure 3 inches).
On the next row (right side), sc 2 stitches, then crochet the next 11sc around the flat part of the first D-ring, and then sc the last 2 stitches, ch 1, turn.
Make another 17 rows of sc, then add the second D-ring in the same manner as the first (on the same side). 
Make another 17 rows of sc as before, add the 3rd D-ring in the same way, then sc another 18 rows.
On the final row, instead of making a ch1 and turn, make (sc, ch1, sc) in the end stitch and continue in sc along the long side of the collar, making 1 sc in each row along the side. Sc, ch1, sc in each corner around, and when you get to the first short side, sc along it, then sc back to the first corner, and ch4, sk2st and sc in next st. 
Repeat this along the row (working towards the second long side) and on the final loop, sk3 and sc, ch1, sc in the final st of the row. Continue in sc along the second long side, then make the corner sc, ch1, sc, sc along the short side, and back again to the corner, and repeat the loops as per the first side (reversing them so that on the first loop you sk3st instead of 2, to match the first side). 

When you finish the loops, fasten off and thread the ends in, take the black yarn and a smaller hook (about 3mm) and crochet a length of chain about 12-18 inches long. Thread the black chain through the loops at the back of the collar in the same manner as you would lace a corset, and tie them in a bow at the bottom :)

There you go, that was easy, wasn't it! :) If you have any questions about the pattern feel free to email Me or leave a comment here and I will do My best to answer them.

Copyright 2008 Daniel MacBride. If you want to share this pattern, feel free, but please give credit where credit is due ;)

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